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    About CentriHall
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CentriHall is a non-profit organization founded by a group of Christians in the greater Boston area of Chinese heritage with nformation technology and Christian education backgrounds. The mission of this organization is to create partnerships with Christian ducational institutions worldwide with the goal of providing resources to Chinese Christians through shared educational materials, multimedia e-Learning systems and technical skills. The services provided by CentriHall will enable Chinese seminaries, churches and similar institutions to offer training programs to their students and members anytime and anywhere. CentriHall is positioned to become the e-Learning technology partner of choice for Chinese seminaries and churches worldwide.


It has been recognized that there is an urgency to train qualified workers to minister the ever-increasing Chinese Christian opulations. In addition, there are growing numbers of Chinese Christians looking for venues and opportunities to pursue life-long learning and continued spiritual growth. However, there are not enough established Chinese Seminaries to fulfill such a demand. It is estimated that there are over 140,000 Chinese Christians in the North American, 750,000 in Taiwan, 400,000 in Hong Kong and more than 70 millions in China.


CentriHall believes that Internet-based e-Learning holds the key to fulfilling this ever-growing demand. However, most (if not all) of the Chinese seminaries and churches do not have the resources to initiate, develop, and maintain a technology-based training program. CentriHall will develop the turnkey, an integrated solution to facilitate any institution's implementation of a fully online distance-learning program. It will combine technology and service infrastructure solutions to meet the highly responsive services needed in the on-line distance learning environment.


CentriHall has the capability to train participating seminaries and churches to take full advantage of the e-Learning services it rovides, such as interactive message boards, chat rooms, multi-media material to enrich the content of the offered courses, and training for the effective use of the student monitoring and tracking capabilities of the system. CentriHall will provide consultancy and helpdesk services to accelerate the adaptation of the new infrastructure and learning environment for participating institutions.


Each participating seminary is responsible for the administration and mentoring of its student body. Students will enroll through the seminary. CentriHall will develop and maintain a catalog of on-line courses available for all seminaries and churches.


The ultimate goal of CentriHall is to make high-quality e-Learning available to Chinese Christians anywhere in the world over the Internet.With CentriHall's initiative, a virtual community will be developed among Chinese seminaries, churches, pastors and co-workers which will foster better cooperation and understanding among Chinese Christians, and ultimately fulfill the great commission for the Lord.

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