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01/12/2003 Incorporation

05/14/2003 GCTS (Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary) Agreement

08/15/2003 CES (China Evangelical Seminary) Agreement

08/29/2003 Non-profit 501(c)3 Approved

06/15/2004 First five e-courses completed

10/04/2004 CES 1st e-Learning offered

02/01/2005 MBTS (Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary) 1st e-Learning offered

04/22/2005 SBC (Singapore Bible College) Agreement

05/10/2005 CIU (Columbia Biblical Seminary) Agreement

07/01/2005 GCTS Chinese Semlink Diploma Program

06/30/2006 MBI (Moody Bible Institute) Agreement

05/01/2007 GCTS Dimension of Faith Program

01/21/2008 Real-time web classroom at GCTS

10/01/2008 SBC 1st e-Learning offered

07/30/2009 CTI (Christianity Today Int'l) Agreement

01/01/2010 Strategic alliance with OCM

01/01/2010 CTI Building Church Leaders Program

Overseas Campus Ministries
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